OneDrive: Uploading and Syncing Files

Microsoft’s OneDrive is an excellent cloud backup service that allows you to synchronize your PC’s folders and files so that everything is automatically backed up and accessible. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to set it up. This guide will walk you through the process of syncing files and folders to OneDrive.

Using the OneDrive field in File Explorer to sync files and folders

After you sign in to your OneDrive account, your File Explorer will now show OneDrive—Personal alongside your other shortcuts on the side, such as This PC. You can now sync files and folders to that OneDrive account.

Step 1: You will then copy and paste. To demonstrate, I’ll sync a file and a folder from my desktop to my OneDrive account.

Step 1

If I drag and drop it in, the file or folder will be removed from my desktop. To avoid this scenario, simply copy and paste it in so that it is available on both your desktop or hard drive and your Microsoft OneDrive account.

Step 2: In File Explorer, navigate to OneDrive under “Personal.” It should display the file and folder we added in step 1.

Specific file and folder synchronization

After we’ve added some files and folders to the OneDrive account, you can use the service’s settings to ensure that everything is properly synchronised.

Step 1: In the taskbar, select Microsoft OneDrive. Select the Settings field after clicking the Help & Settings icon.

file and folder synchronization

Step 2: Select the Account tab, then the Choose folders button.

file and folder synchronization

Step 3: Select the files and folders to sync to OneDrive. Work projects and files not in a folder are the folders and files I added to my OneDrive account in the previous section. Select OK.

file and folder synchronization

All files and folders are being synced.

Step 1: In OneDrive’s settings, click the Choose Folders button.

Step 2: Next, click the “Make all files accessible” button. This will synchronise your OneDrive folder with your Microsoft OneDrive account.

Why isn’t my Microsoft OneDrive synchronizing?

Microsoft OneDrive requires an internet connection to function. Because it is a cloud service, it will require constant access to your Wi-Fi or hotspot to function. One of the reasons OneDrive isn’t syncing properly could be that your system is brand new. Wait until the sign-in process is completed.

Hover your mouse over the Microsoft OneDrive icon to see its status (signed in or online). On older systems, it may take some time for OneDrive to connect to your Wi-Fi and sign in.

Check out our detailed breakdown of the cloud service and what it offers for more information on OneDrive. If you’re looking for information on how to store files on OneDrive (such as using the platform’s website interface rather than the Windows 10 app), check out our guide on that as well.

Alternatively, if you haven’t yet decided on a cloud storage service, our guide to the best cloud storage services can assist you in making your decision.

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