How to See Who Has Access to Your Google Drive Files

Google Drive makes it easy to share files with other people, and it’s as easy to see who can access your documents. If you need to check who has access to your files – or who can view them without permission – you can easily see a list of users who can view your files.

Let’s see who you’ve shared your files with on Google Drive.

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How to See Who Has Access to Your Google Drive Files

To check the list of people who can see your file, right-click the file in question and click Share. A window shows you all the people who have access to your file. If you haven’t shared it with anyone, you’ll only see yourself on the list. If others have access to the file, you will see their name, email address, and permission level in this list. Permissions list in Google Drive

 How to add, modify and remove permissions

If something does not look right in the list of users, you can use this window to add, modify, or remove permissions.

How to add someone to the list of permissions

If the person you want to share the file with is not on the list, you must add them first. To add someone, click in the text field at the top, which says to add people and groups.

Here you can enter a person’s name in your Google Account contact list. If they are not listed, enter your email address instead.

 You can also click Edit in the section called Get in Link, and then allow anyone with the link. Then click on the copy link and send the link to the people you want to share the file with.

How to change and remove someone’s permission

If someone has too much or too little control over the file, click on the permission name to the right of its name.

 Here you can choose from a few roles. The viewer makes the document read-only for that person, the commenter allows the user to comment, and the editor’s role gives the user the ability to edit the content it contains.

You can transfer the ownership of the file to anyone, but be careful; Once they are masters, they can kick you out of permissions!

If someone is viewing a file that they should not see, you can also use this menu and click Delete. When you do this, the selected user cannot access the file.


Google Drive makes it easy to collaborate with others on your project. Now you know how to invite people to share your file, as well as how to change and remove their permissions.

If you want to use Google Drive, even more, be sure to check out our tips for managing shared files.

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