How to Share Files and Folders on Google Drive

Google Drive is a versatile cloud storage solution that simplifies file sharing and collaboration. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of sharing files and folders on Google Drive with the assistance of the Google Drive Help Assistant, ensuring a smooth and efficient sharing experience.

Step 1: Access Google Drive

Open your web browser and go to
Sign in to your Google account if prompted.

Step 2: Upload Files and Folders

Click on the “New” button and select “File upload” or “Folder upload” to add files or folders from your computer to Google Drive.

Step 3: Share Files on Google Drive

Right-click on the file you want to share and select “Share.”
In the sharing window, click on “Add people and groups” to specify who can access the file.
Enter the email addresses of recipients or select them from your contacts.
Use the drop-down menu to set access levels (view, comment, or edit).
Optionally, add a message to accompany the sharing invitation.
Click “Send” to share the file.

Step 4: Share Folders on Google Drive

Right-click on the folder you want to share and select “Share.”
Follow the same steps as sharing a file to add recipients and set access levels.
Click “Send” to share the folder.

Step 5: Manage Sharing Settings

To change sharing settings, click on the file or folder and select “Share.”
Click on the settings icon next to a recipient’s email to adjust access or remove them.
Click “Advanced” for additional sharing options, such as link sharing settings.


Sharing files and folders with friends, clients, or coworkers is simple when you take advantage of Google Drive Help Assistant features. Google Drive makes it easier to collaborate on projects and share documents for approval, facilitating smooth communication and teamwork. These instructions will help you take advantage of Google Drive’s capabilities to organize your tasks and accomplish your objectives quickly.

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