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iCloud is another source of online data storage, which could be used to transmit data across devices or safeguard some from devices. You could sync your data across multiple devices with no delays. Moreover, it is the best source to safeguard data in addition to PC hard drive. Sometimes your pc does fall victim of a hardware crash, wherein that may risk your all-time data files. With iCloud, you can save your data on the cloud and restore on any device from anywhere. iCloud Customer Support team also help its users to deal with any errors if occur on any device.

iCloud Customer Support

It is acceptable that sometimes we mistakenly delete some important files from PC or other device and later find them important. iCloud application could be installed on all types of computer, tablet, smartphone devices. You can also sync data across all devices within a single place and find it back by accessing iCloud Drive.

If you have deleted a file or folder from computer or cellphone and want to recover it, then iCloud Drive allows deleted data to stay in “Recently Deleted” data folder for upto 30 days. If you do take any action, then it gets permanently deleted after 30 days. If you deleted some data file or folder within 30 days and want to restore it back, then:

  • Open any web browser on the computer
  • Access website
  • Login with your Apple ID & password
  • Verify security code received on the Apple device
  • Now tap on iCloud Drive folder located in the window
  • Locate “Recently Deleted” folder in the right-side-bottom-corner of browser
  • Now look for deleted files and folder that you want to restore
  • Select one or multiple files or folders to recover or choose “Recover All” located in the top of the screen

If you have another problem with iCloud service or application, then contact iCloud Customer Support Number and speak with a live agent to get fast help. Cloud storage service is another innovation added to technology, which makes the users more secure about their data information.

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