How to use OneDrive along with available storage plans?

Storing data information in cloud accounts has been in trend. In fact, it is very important to backup your data information from devices like computer, smartphone and tablets somewhere safer. You can keep your computer data safe by uploading it in OneDrive and download it back on any device from anywhere. You can sign up for OneDrive account for free without even providing credit card information and enjoy free data storage of 5 GB. Later, if you plan to upgrade your service for more storage, there are various packages available from Microsoft.

How to use OneDrive

To enhance the power of OneDrive cloud storage service, Microsoft took a next-level step and included OneDrive storage of upto 6 TB in Microsoft Office 365 service packages. That means the users who are using or willing to buy MS Office 365 will have facility to enjoy free cloud storage of upto 6 TB. And when you do not want to subscribe for MS Office 365, choose standalone plan that will increase the online storage data limit in OneDrive.

To user OneDrive, you can download OneDrive application on Android cellphone, Mac & Windows computers and other tablets. Further, you can enable auto data upload from any device and download it from anywhere. After subscribing for OneDrive service, users can choose what drive or folders to sync and what not. Moreover, you can also choose what to keep on device & cloud and what not. So, OneDrive gives you facility to operate your data and its accessibility. To get help on anything related, users can contact on OneDrive Support Phone Number.

Available plans for OneDrive Users

Microsoft has been offering free OneDrive cloud storage along with its all Microsoft Office 365 personal and business subscriptions. It is more like adding topping when you sign up for MS Office 365 and get free access to OneDrive service and upload data upto 6TBs. Microsoft does not offer many plans for only OneDrive services, but with MS Office 365.You can visit the official Microsoft website to compare and upgrade your service plan.

Compare and choose your plan to enjoy hassle-free data storage service from OneDrive-

Additionally, if any help needed related to support or purchase, then contact OneDrive Customer Support and speak with an agent regarding your requirements and usability.

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