Manage Multiple OneDrive accounts in 2022

If you have many OneDrive accounts, you might be unsure of the best way to manage them. To find out how to do it expertly, keep reading.

Spreading out your data over many accounts might aid in maintaining organization. Even if you only use one provider, it might be annoying to search around your accounts for an elusive file. In this article, we’ll go through how to quickly share and sync folders between different Microsoft OneDrive accounts on a single computer.

Fortunately, OneDrive has a built-in method for adding multiple accounts. Additionally, the capability is supported by macOS and portable devices, so it’s not just Windows 10.

However, you can only add one personal OneDrive account using this built-in technique. Instead, you should utilize a third-party program that enables you to manage or sync your cloud drives in order to access files across personal accounts.

Why Would You Have Multiple OneDrive Accounts?

You might have numerous OneDrive accounts for a few reasons. OneDrive’s desktop client allows you to add as many OneDrive for Business accounts as you require. This is because many users will have OneDrive for Business accounts that they want to use to work from home.

In Windows 10, how do I sync multiple OneDrive accounts?

If first-party tools are available, use them because they are typically the simplest option. This is the ideal method to have your work or school data at home without having to deal with third-party software because Microsoft allows you to add several OneDrive for Business accounts to your computer.

  1. Enter the Settings window.

To access a panel, click the OneDrive icon in the Windows 10 system tray. To enter the settings window, click this and then choose “help and settings” and “settings.”

  1. Select “Add Account.”

Select “add an account” from the “account” tab. If you want to turn off OneDrive and add a new personal account, you may unlink your PC from it under this menu as well.

  1. Add your company account

To add your account, enter your email address and password. In Windows File Explorer, this will appear as a second OneDrive folder with the company name associated.

Free Methods to Connect Several OneDrive Accounts on a Single Computer

You must use third-party software to add multiple accounts to one computer if you have two personal OneDrive accounts or if the first approach isn’t working for you.

  1. Create an account with MultCloud.

Visit and register there. After receiving a confirmation email, you must activate your account before signing in.

  1. Create Your First OneDrive Account

Select to add a OneDrive account in the “add cloud drives” tab on the left. By doing so, MultCloud will be connected to the OneDrive account you are now logged into.

  1. Integrate a second OneDrive account

Repeat step two a second time to add a second OneDrive account, but this time click the link to switch accounts.

  1. Switch to a different OneDrive account.

You can sign out and then log into your other account on OneDrive by clicking the link. Go back to MultCloud and select “add OneDrive account” after you are finished.

5. Locate the Files You Wish to Sync

With both accounts added, go into the one with the files or folders you want to sync and find them. Select everything you want to move, right-click them, and select “copy to.”

6. Copy the files

In the “copy to” window, go into your second OneDrive account, find wherever you want to put the files, and click “transfer.” You can also check the “move” box if you want the documents deleted from the original drive.

7. Wait for MultCloud to move your files.

Now, wait until MultCloud moves everything to the new folder. You can follow its progress with the window in the bottom-right corner of the page.

OneDrive alternatives that let you manage multiple accounts

There are a few alternatives if you don’t want to use OneDrive but want to maintain everything with one service. Sharing in browsers is made simple by program like Google Drive and Dropbox (see our Dropbox review). However, just one personal account can be used at a time on even our favorites, and cloud.

Instead, create a single account with various providers to sync and share files across numerous cloud folders without having to worry about restrictions or other programs. There are several possibilities for free cloud storage, and based on what you need for each folder, you may balance usability and security.

Final Word

You will either need to use third-party solutions or accept the restriction of having only one personal OneDrive account if you want to add several OneDrive accounts to Windows 10. Although having these choices is fantastic, they are primarily confined to allowing you to conduct business on your OneDrive for Business account without first logging out.

However, leaving OneDrive behind won’t address this issue because this is a rather common strategy across most respectable cloud providers. Therefore, unless you want to use services like MultCloud or CloudHQ (see our review of CloudHQ), your only option is to open a single account with a number of the top cloud storage providers and use them all at once.

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